The INLINE UNIT is equipped with sensors and software that will collect, store and present data during valve tests.
Below are some system benefits: 

bulletpoint_inlinetest  Increased efficiency and quality of valve maintenance

bulletpoint_inlinetest  Production can continue during testing and maintenance

bulletpoint_inlinetest  Easy to perform - automatic testing and pre-programmed test protocols 

bulletpoint_inlinetest  Advanced pop-detection algorithms and analytics

bulletpoint_inlinetest  For offshore, onshore, upstream, and downstream

bulletpoint_inlinetest  Inline-unit or workshop unit




Inline APP

 bulletpoint_inlinetest   Test data will automatically be sent to our cloud solution where reports are generated. Our system can be integrated with any maintenance system.

 bulletpoint_inlinetest  The web application is designed for our clients to efficiently evaluate test reports, monitor test statistics and performance, manage their site, and much more.  

 bulletpoint_inlinetest    Data integrity and traceability are improved due to integration with asset register, pre-programmed test protocols, and valve details.  GPS location, test operator, time, valve ID, test data is compared to historic data to assure the correct valve is tested. 

 bulletpoint_inlinetest    High accuracy and consistency of test data

Reduce HSE exposure

The Inline unit can be placed on the ground while valve maintenance is going on high above. Inline testing reduces the number of high-exposure crane lifts. 



The Inline unit keeps track of when and where the test was performed, what valve was tested, duration, ambient conditions in addition to test pressure, temperature and flow.


Reduce time and cost

Testing the valve inline will reduce time on mechanical work, removal of isolation, heat tracing, and material handling and directly reduce time and cost related to valve maintenance. 

mobile test units

1  After isolating the valve upstream the Inline unit is connected to the drain points of the valve with hoses.   

tablet app


2  Automatic flushing and standards-compliant test protocols are initiated and run. After completed testing, the unit is disconnected and upstream isolation is opened.  

Kacper Mrowiec

3  Once the valve is successfully tested, data is saved and sent to the cloud for further processing and possible export to your maintenance system.  Test reports can be viewed using a PC, phone, or tablet.