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Rapid global expansion

by Inline X

Bringing new technology to the market takes time and effort. Inline X is currently at a stage where clients are starting to fully understand the value of the technology. Inline X units are now in operation in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Africa.

The Inline X test units are used to perform set pressure and seat tightness tests on pressure safety valves (PSVs).

“Usually valve testing is done in a workshop, which involves dismantling, lifting, and transporting the valve. With our solution we reduce these operations and ensure the function and integrity of the valve while keeping it where it belongs, inline,” CEO Jan Gregor Sørli explains.

In addition, the Inline X software and web application offer a unified, user-friendly system for planning, conducting, and evaluating valve testing. 

Inline X’s clients are primarily in the oil and gas industry, but the company is preparing to enter the hydrogen market. Read more about Inline Xs hydrogen plans here.

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